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Born in London, but been living in Leicestershire since 1988.

I have been a Showaddywaddy fan since I first saw them on New Faces in 1973, and have finally started being able to get to their concerts since December 2012, although can only get to those in the Midlands area.

I have been a crafter since I was a child, and do many varied crafts.  At present I am working on a Scrapbook documenting Showaddywaddy from their start to the present - 2013 being their 40th year.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Waiting for Good Weather

Since the shed arrived on Monday last week, the days when I could get out to do the wood treatment have not been frequent, not when you have other things to do as well, like washing, cooking, shopping, housework - yes I know it's a dirty word for us crafters, but it does have to be done every so often.

I have managed to get most of the panels done though - the other night I was out there till gone 8.30pm thinking oh good now it's all done, only to find the doors had not been done at all. I went to check on the panels on Monday afternoon, and they really do look superb - I decided on Forest Green as the colour and with 2 coats of it, it looks wonderful. Even the original Craft shed, I tried out 2 coats of it on the front end of that, and it looks like a different shed. Regardless of what the manufacturer says, always stir the wood treatment. Our other shed - the one that stores stuff that would normally go in a loft, I used the same wood treatment on this, but did not stir it, it said it on the instructions, so I followed them. Now I do what I think is right to achieve the effect I want.

Whilst doing all this wood treatment, I was imagining what the shed will look like when complete, and I started thinking of the look for next summer – yes I know what summer is – probably one day in June or July sometime. So I am thinking some nice window boxes with nasturtiums and lobelia, and probably for the spring, snowdrops, daffodils, tulips.

Hopefully I will remember to get my Camera back from my Son today, so that I can take step by step pictures.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

A new Craft Shed

Well I finally sold the Motorhome - it was a total waste of money, as we were unable to repair it due to Chris's medical condition. But it has allowed me to increase the size of my Craft shed - from 6ft x 4ft to 10ft x 6ft.

It arrived this morning, before I even got back from taking my Son to work. Before it gets put together, I am going to ensure that the base and outside get a good thick coating of wood treatment, this way it will hopefully have a much longer life. Pictures will be shown as soon as they are taken.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Tiara's & Jewellery Slideshow

Most people will know that I have designed many Tiara's - They have been an item of great interest to me for many years. Some of my designs are based around tiara's I have worn or seen during my time as Feltham & Bedfont Carnival Princess 1976, Deputy Queen 1977 and Carnival Queen 1978.

I wore a Tiara for my 1st Wedding in 1979 - then the norm was a very flowery headdress or a Juliet cap. I will get a picture of that tiara and insert it here soon, but basically it was a band of crystals, which had arches of crystals - 9 in all - the more central of the arches had Ivory drop pearls hanging from them.

When I married Chris in 2001, again I choose to wear a tiara, this one I had purchased and kept in store during my Carnival years, but it never actually got used. This tiara, is more what you would associate with mass produced tiara's. It is a metal base, with diamante's on the base, with 5 "Sun bursts" - 4 on the bottom, and one central on top. As with the other tiara I will add a picture of this tiara shortly.

A natural progression from designing and making tiara's is matching jewellery, some of which you will see along with the tiara's. I have also made a couple of Fairy Wands - the pictures will pop up on the slide show.

I thought I had better start showing some of the hours and hours of work I have done in the past. All of the designs are of my own creation, as I said I had years of seeing many different tiara's so plenty of food for thought there, plus I have been drawing my own designs for many years.

I hope you like my Tiara and Jewellery Slide show, I hope to add even more soon.