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Born in London, but been living in Leicestershire since 1988.

I have been a Showaddywaddy fan since I first saw them on New Faces in 1973, and have finally started being able to get to their concerts since December 2012, although can only get to those in the Midlands area.

I have been a crafter since I was a child, and do many varied crafts.  At present I am working on a Scrapbook documenting Showaddywaddy from their start to the present - 2013 being their 40th year.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Baby Baby - 2 Due so work to do

Yes - 2 Babies are due - 1 each to my Nieces Lindsay and Jenna. Lindsay is the eldest Niece, who already has 3 boys - and this one - Baby number 4 is a Girl - due 4th July - in USA we might even have been able to light a few fireworks, but since we are not, we will have to wait for nature to take it's course. Jenna is my 2nd Oldest Niece, and she was Bridesmaid at my Wedding in 2001 - her pending arrival is her 1st, and will also be a girl, due to arrive any day now. I am sure my Sister is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her 2 Grand-daughters, I know I would be or will be when the time comes for my Son to become a Father.

I am in the middle of making cards for the arrival of these 2 new young ladies to the big wide world, I got rather irate with the eyelet punch yesterday for part of one of the cards, but the application of a hammer made it co-operate, although I have been unable to finish it at present, due to me having a stinker of a migraine again today.

I visited the Doctor today, and he has prescribed me some additional medication, which I have only taken 2 lots so far, and things do seem to be feeling a slight better. I hope to see more progress in this on Tuesday, as we had rather a rush this morning to get to our Doctor's appointment, and then it was dog bath day, and that has taken up quite a few hours today, that and the medication induced sleep that I had to have this afternoon. As long as the meds work, and I get better, I will be able to devote more time to this blog and of course my craft work.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Me and the Bug

Well the Bug and I are getting on fine, so far I have managed to learn how to cut and played around with the settings - it all seemed very easy really. So on Saturday and Sunday, I played around with "Kiss Cutting" - believe it or not, I tried it on what everyone knows as sticky backed plastic - the old Blue Peter favourite - nothing exciting, just typed my name out and then let it cut - after a couple of errors, I ended up with a fairly respectable cut, which I then stuck on my laptop. I quite like it, as the SBP is a gold holographic, and I just cut it to the size of the cutting mat.

I will try again with the kiss cutting, and the SBP, as I feel a few peel-offs could make an appearance now - so watch this space.

Sorry it's not much today, but a major migraine is playing havoc at present, and it is as much as I can do to look at the screen at present.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bugs and crawlies

Hi Everyone,

Anyone who really knows me, knows I do not like Spiders, Slugs, Snails, Moths - those big sort that come in of an evening when you have the window open. But I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of a Bug at present, I got this via EBay, and it should be with me by the end of the week. It's not a normal sorta bug with a mind of it's own - well at least I hope it isn't. It's a Cricut personal Cutter. I hope also to invest in the Sure Cuts a Lot software, so that I can create my own designs and use them in my card making. I also understand that this machine will enable you to cut your own Rubber stamps - Does anyone know about this or have you tried it - if so let me know, I can't wait to find out more.

I have made some cards in the recent months, so I will upload them as soon as the images are off my phone and camera etc. Hopefully this little bug will encourage me more in my crafting - but it will certainly be a welcome addition to the Craft Shed.