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Born in London, but been living in Leicestershire since 1988.

I have been a Showaddywaddy fan since I first saw them on New Faces in 1973, and have finally started being able to get to their concerts since December 2012, although can only get to those in the Midlands area.

I have been a crafter since I was a child, and do many varied crafts.  At present I am working on a Scrapbook documenting Showaddywaddy from their start to the present - 2013 being their 40th year.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Building of The Craft Shed

Well I was so tired yesterday that I did not have chance to get back on here with the pictures. But I will put that right now.

This is the shed at the end of work yesterday.

But then Chris decided to have a wander in.

Here are the pictures from today -

This is just the far end half of the Shed - the other half is behind the camera - it's 6ft wide. To the right of the image you can see half of the windows - 10ft of Windows - should let in plenty of light.

This is the Roofing Ceremony - it helps if you know how to stand with you hands on your hips, as my husband demonstrates on the left, and Robin's mate Davo copies on the right. Robin appears to have his head through the roof of the shed - I think he was looking for help with holding the roof panel - one handed help from me isn't much use!

End of work today and it's much better - windows have perspex in them, roof is complete.

By the side of the new shed, you can see what was the old craft shed, holding all the goodies waiting to go into the new shed.

It's getting quite exciting now, as everything seems to be coming together quite quickly now, although I do still have some exterior bits that need wood treatment. Just the doors, roofing felt and decorative trim to go on and it will be ready for moving into.

Monday, 7 September 2009

The plaster came off

Well I went to the hospital today, and they cut the cast off my arm!!!! But don't get excited, they put another one straight back on it again. I've been crying as it has made me so depressed today, and I have to keep it on for 5 more weeks. Instead of just one break in the wrist - at the top of the Radius - I still have that one, but I also have a break half way down the Ulna. I am not allowed to drive for at least another 5 weeks, and I do normally enjoy driving. So my Son Rob is driving my car at present - what ever made me think earlier this year to add him to my Insurance I will never know, but I 'm very pleased I did.

I could really do with a holiday - I don't think I would care where it was at the moment, just away. I know it won't happen, the motor home went some 3 weeks ago, can't drive the car, so we won't even get a day trip to the Seaside this year.

I will hopefully do another post later as I have taken some pictures of the new Craft Shed - mid construction. Rob and Chris have been hard at work this afternoon putting it together, and hopefully they will finish it tomorrow. It's the most excitement I have had for weeks.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


This will be a short post as I have to type with only one hand. I have plaster from my fingers to almost the elbow on my left hand, so anything that require more than one hand, is out now untill it comes off. I had a fall in my garden Monday last week, and over the week, the pain has got worse. My Son Robin, took me to Burton's Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I have to say it was the quickest waiting time I have experienced at a Hospital. It said on the board 2-1/2 hours, and 2-1/2 hours later, Robin was driving out the car Park. I saw the Doctor, who said he was convinced with the pain I was in that the wrist was broken, however following the X-rays, he could not find the break, so I have to go back next Monday, and in the mean time, another Consultant will view the X-Rays.

I am left handed so as you can imagine it makes life very difficult. The most I will be able to do towards the construction of the shed at present is hold things up.

Moral of this story - next time your about to fall flat on your face, don't worry about trying to save yourself.

I will try to add another Gallery soon, of cards I have made since I started Card Making - well thise I can find the pictures of!!